Safety Rules & Precautions For Choir

updated September 27th, 2021

We are gearing back up for in-person choir sessions and are so excited to be singing together soon. As singing is considered a “high risk” activity we are taking a variety of precautions to create a safe environment for all members. These protocols may be updated throughout the term in accordance with Ontario’s health safety requirements and recommendations. You will be informed directly anytime we make any changes to the policy.

Earlier in the summer we attended Choral Canada's: We Can Sing Safely, a national webinar discussing updates on the latest research for safe group singing and the use of ventilation in your rehearsal space. Using the valuable information presented in this webinar, Public Health Ontario's recommendations, and your feedback from our survey, we have put together this Covid-19 Policy for the return of our in-person choir sessions.  We encourage you to review these guidelines periodically and to respect them.  Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy yourselves!

Kelly McNamee & Alex Fiddes


Capacity Limits  

The capacity in the church will be capped to accommodate physical distancing and air circulation.

Cleaning Protocols 

The Church is providing a thorough cleaning of the entire space before and after each choir session.

Ventilation protocols 

The Port Nelson United church has a state of the art ventilation system in place.  You can read the exact message we received from the church regarding ventilation here. In addition to this ventilation system, every session we will be taking a break at the 45 minute mark and the room will be cleared entirely for a few minutes to allow fresh airflow.

Contact Tracing

We will be engaged in contact tracing via the usual sign in sheet.

Extra Supplies

We will supply hand Sanitizer and extra masks, however we recommend that you bring your own.


Wear a Mask 

All in attendance must wear a mask throughout the duration of choir sessions while indoors.

Social Distancing 

All in attendance must maintain a distance of 2 meters from each other, with the exception of those from the same household or bubble.  Chairs will be spaced out accordingly.

Get Vaccinated

Ontario is requiring all in attendance to indoor event spaces to be fully vaccinated and to show proof of vaccination.

Stay home if you’re sick

If you have any symptoms of Covid, you must stay home and follow Ontario health guidelines. Video Sessions will be available a few days after each session to accommodate those who cannot attend choir.

No Food or Drink

Any food or non-water drinks are not to be consumed while in the church.

Avoid Carpooling

Carpooling negates the benefits of our safety protocols and we ask that all in attendance avoid carpooling.

Don’t forget to have fun!  These rules are created out of an abundance of caution.  We will be safe as long as we follow the guidelines.  Enjoy yourselves!