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My Pop Choir singers certainly had more to say about why they love the choir and what they get out of the weekly sessions, the music, the companionship and the expertise of the directors.

So here is the second installment of thoughts from members in our groups from Oakville, Thornhill/Richmond Hill, Metro Vancouver, Toronto Downtown, Burlington, Lawrence Park, Etobicoke and the Virtual Choir.


When I was a teenager, I played the guitar and sang. I was sure I was going to be the next Joni Mitchell. In my twenties, I stopped singing. In my sixties, I found My Pop Choir.

There’s no turning back. I love to sing!! Thank you, My Pop Choir. The only requirement when you come is that “you love to sing.” Ginny Odette, Toronto Downtown


My Pop Choir warms my heart. While the media tries to tell us that singing is something those exceptionally talented superstars do, that it's not for us regular folk... there's something comforting and wonderful about the exact opposite: A group of regular people with no special skills other than kindness and a willingness to try, who come together week after week not to be perfect or to get famous but to simply experience the joy that comes from uniting our voices in song. No audition. No pressure. Just a friendly, supportive atmosphere where we reconnect to something beautiful that's already in each and every one of us. And that warms my heart week after week. Month after month. Year after year. Thank you, My Pop Choir.

Dave Toms, Oakville


My Pop Choir is Excellent !

(10 Words Starting with "E" to describe Alex's Wonderful Qualities)

  1. Enthusiastic - his love of teaching songs is evident

  2. Encouraging - believes in our abilities and so we create beautiful music together!

  3. Easy-going - feedback is always given in a light, humorous manner so we feel comfortable

  4. Exciting - chooses fun, challenging yet attainable songs and arrangements which are taught at a nice pace

  5. Empathic - understands what we need to feel appreciated; expresses joy when moved by the sound of the combined voices

  6. Engaging - shares personal thoughts, maintains our interest; creates a community whose members want to come back for more!

  7. Energetic - keeps things lively

  8. Endearing - takes his shoes off and stands on a chair so we can see him; shares his feelings

  9. Entertaining - good sense of humour and dances when performing and in the recording submission video

  10. Exceptional - Alex is a skilled and organized conductor who has innate musicality and goes above and beyond to offer opportunities to everyone!

Shoshana Fainsilber, Downtown Toronto


I joined My Pop Choir 12-13 years ago in Burlington when Kent was our amazing choir director. I have enjoyed every term of inspiring music selections, good friends, laughter and fun!

Alex has taken My Pop Choir to new heights, including during the Covid years. We are all thankful for that! He is a brilliant musician and teacher. He has offered many great opportunities for us outside of our weekly sessions.

My Pop Choir is the perfect tonic for people who love to sing. I am very grateful to be a member for many years. I look forward to our next term!

Jane McCammon, Burlington


I’ve now been with My Pop Choir Oakville for just over a year. I love it! One of my favourite things about choir comes after each [voice] section has learned a part of a new song and we sing it together for the first time. There’s always an “ahhhhh, it sounds so nice” moment. Every single song. I love that moment.

Diana Chong, Toronto Downtown


Joining My Pop Choir was very much welcoming and easy for beginners. The first night included a warm and energetic director, and there were no auditions as the vocal groups were decided pain-free. And complete strangers said to me: "See you next week."

So, I kept coming back!

Nicholas Jansen, Vancouver Mount Pleasant


This is my third season with My Pop Choir, and I can honestly say that I am continually impressed with the warm, caring and musically dedicated people I have had the privilege to meet and share rehearsals with. My Pop Choir members have so much heart and love for their music and for each other and it shows with every note they sing, and I feel very privileged to be a part of it!

Pixie Irving, Etobicoke


I joined My Pop Choir several years ago at the insistence of my daughter.

I am so very glad I did! I truly enjoy every term and every weekly session singing

with others, who enjoy singing as well.

Each session fills my spirits!! I have met many wonderful people and have made many cherished friendships. The final evening of our 10-week run is always so gratifying, as we invite our friends and relatives to hear us sing the songs that we had so much fun learning that term.

Being part of My Pop Choir has and will continue to be a wonderful experience for me.

Helen Pisarzowski, Etobicoke


For me, My Pop Choir is beautiful music, singing and friendships. I am so happy I joined!

Trish Sousa, Burlington


Almost any good choir could give me the mental stimulation of learning new music, the emotional thrill of singing in harmony (for so long denied us), the social boost of a good sing among friends.

So what draws me to My Pop Choir? For starters, it's so satisfyingly well organized, thanks to a ton of work behind the scenes. If you can't make in-person choir, virtual choir is reliably there. If you want to practice between sessions, online tracks are reliably there! These are an invaluable resource, and as an amateur singer, I deeply appreciate the confidence the extra support gives me.

Best of all, our wonderfully congenial conductor Alex makes it all seem more like play than work. His laid-back charm puts us at ease, while his expert leadership brings out the best in us. He wastes no time and gets the job done with humour and a deceptive appearance of effortlessness. My Pop Choir, I'm a lifer!

Kerry Dean, Toronto Downtown

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