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The Power of Singing in a Choir is Gaining Popularity!

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Oh, if we could get over our big, bad selves, and loose our voices and our love of music, the benefits of singing in a choir are huge and now it's really gaining momentum.

CBC Radio discussed this recently; check out the link!

Like meditation, singing together finds its way into a place in your brain that relaxes you and gives you calm. If you give yourself over to the moments, you can't think of anything else.

But there's no doubt, if you've not sung in a choir before, the concept can be scary. Singing together, versus alone, gives us a sense of community and collectiveness. You're supported by each and every other singer - like hooking up arms and walking together, the power is much greater than going it alone.

Years ago, at a Stevie Wonder concert, he divided the audience into 3 big groups, and taught a few lines of one of his songs to each group, in harmony. And they sang it - a powerful few moments for an audience there to hear not to sing... but he and the audience could feel the 'wonder' of singing together.

That's what inspired My Pop Choir. What if you could teach people who don't read music, didn't think of themselves as singers, to sing together in harmony? What if the music they sang was pop and rock, no formality, no religion or hierarchy? No expectations but that they give themselves the chance to try it? What would that feel like? Could we pull it off? And we did, and we do. It works the magic we had hoped for. Check out

As far as most of us know, we live one life, at the least, the life we're living now, so the chance to find joy, to release inhibitions and connect with others in one goal, is worth the risk!

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