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Using the Right Side of Your Brain!

You do use it all the time; it controls the left side of body, as the left hemisphere of your brain controls the right side of your body.

But the Right Side is the 'creative' side; the more artistically focussed part of your brain. It's where things like imagination and intuition come from. It's also the source of creativity and music awareness. Those elements of the right side of our brain exists in everyone. But the use of it....? Well, it's often a matter deciding to use and it's resources to expand your experiences.

"One of the great things about singing is that is connects you to the right side of your brain. This is the side responsible for intuition, imagination and all our creative functions. It connects us to a world of possibilities. In modern life we are constantly bombarded with so much information that we process and analyse. We tend to get stuck in the left, processing side of our brain. So it becomes fundamentally important to nurture the attributes of human beings that set us apart from machines. The best way to do that is singing." Tania de Jong, singer and founder of Creativity Australia,

That was the whole idea behind My Pop Choir - to create an environment in which people could share their love of music by singing as one; that would allow them to pursue a love of singing, that wouldn't require 'skill' or experience and would give them a sense of community amongst others with the same curiosity of wanting to know what singing in a group would feel like. And for hundreds, it has been just that.

Check out this wonderful site that talks about the science of singing!

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