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Let’s say you love singing and you have heard how great My Pop Choir is. But you don’t live in downtown Toronto or Vancouver, near Oakville, Burlington or Thornhill/Richmond Hill. Or within driving distance of Lawrence Park or Etobicoke. What to do, what to do.

Joining the My Pop Choir Virtual Choir could be just the answer. It even offers the sense of community, fun and friendship to be found in all the My Pop Choir groups. How can this be? Read on.


Hi, my name is Nina and I’m from New Jersey. I joined the virtual choir in 2020 during the pandemic because I saw these music videos going around on the internet and thought it would be fun to participate in one. I googled “virtual choir” and My Pop Choir came up. I inquired about how to join and remember getting a very friendly and welcoming email from Alex, who explained how this whole virtual choir thing worked on Zoom and YouTube.

I still wasn’t sure what this all meant but I decided to give it a go. I didn’t realize the choir was located in Canada until after I signed up but it didn’t matter because it was virtual so I could participate from anywhere. After a few sessions, I finally understood what Alex was talking about. Because of the built-in harmonies on the YouTube videos, I feel like I’m singing in a real choir!

Another thing I like about My Pop Choir is the “live” social time on Zoom at 6:30 p.m. I enjoy the conversations and learning about Canadian culture, holidays, and traditions. I have met some really nice people and made some new friends. And I must admit that I’ve started saying “Cheers” and eating a lot more maple syrup as a result!

I can’t believe I’ve been singing with the choir for three years now. I just thought I’d make one music video and that would be the end of it, but I really enjoy the whole virtual experience and it has sparked my love of singing again (I used to sing in the choir in grammar school). I like the variety of songs each term and I think the arrangements are brilliant and challenging.

Lastly, I feel a real sense of accomplishment participating in the music videos. I’m not really tech savvy but I’ve figured out how to record myself. I always look forward to when they are released. I watch them over and over to find myself first of course, and then look for all the friends I’ve made.

I really wish I could sing with the choir in person but for now, I’m glad that I can participate in this virtual way, and I hope it will continue for a long time! Cheers and Happy Singing everyone!

Nina Androski


It may seem overly dramatic to say that joining a virtual choir changed my life, but it is true to say it has had a wonderful, positive impact at a time that I sorely needed it.

I had sung in choirs for over 60 years when my husband of 46 years very suddenly and completely unexpectedly died six years ago. Shortly after that the in-person choir I belonged to disbanded and for the first time I had no music in my life. Predictably I was adrift, and then along came Covid and I was not only lonely, despite great friends, but my life was pretty much joyless. It was serendipitous that I stumbled across a posting online for My Pop Choir, one that included the music video “Viva la Vida.” The video was energizing and positive, and I couldn’t wait to see if the virtual choir would be a good fit for me. I have enjoyed this experience so much, and it has given some definition to my week. My music is very rusty after six years off, but for the first time in a very long time I feel the joy that music brings. An in-person choir would be even better, but the distances so far are just too great. The fact that there is the Zoom social connection is wonderful, and Alex’s enthusiasm for the music is contagious. And I know my husband would be delighted that I am singing again, and music is back in my life.

Susan McAlpine


My experience with My Pop Choir has been a completely virtual one because I live well outside of the Greater Toronto Area.

During the fall of 2020, I was missing a lot of social activities (like everyone else) which included being a member of a local community choir. I thought that I would give My Pop Choir a go and well, here I am two and a half years later, still loving it!

The first year I was a member, it was really a beacon of light for me to belong to a virtual choir as it gave me stability, focus and a connection to other people during the dark days of the pandemic.

I enjoy it for so many reasons. The choir members are friendly, helpful and always supportive of each other. The music is varied but always fun to learn - even if sometimes a challenge. The unique arrangements are amazing with lovely harmonies that just make you feel good!

The director, Alex, is so inclusive, positive and so talented. He is especially supportive when it comes to recording our submissions for the music video, which is completely voluntary.

I never thought I’d make connections with people that I just see on a Zoom chat virtually once a week but I definitely have. Music has a special way of connecting people and My Pop Choir certainly does just that in such a positive way. I mean, where else but in a virtual setting can one attend choir practices in slippers and/or pj’s while sipping on a beverage of choice?!!

It’s simply brilliant!!

Helen Vermeersch


One cold, post-Christmas night earlier this year, a Facebook ad for My Pop Choir caught my eye. I had always thought of myself as a music player, having played piano since I was a young child, but I NEVER considered myself a music singer. Mind you, as a former grade one teacher, I often found myself in the role of singer, performing a variety of songs, stories and musical rhymes to a bunch of five- and six-year-olds who were very indifferent to the quality of my voice.

“Hmmm, can’t be that bad,” I thought. “Let’s see what my voice will do if I go into the universe some more with it.” So I took a deep breath and joined the virtual group of My Pop Choir in January of this year. And I’ve never looked back.

It truly has been a great experience so far. On those chilly Monday nights during the winter, it was wonderful not to have to dress up and head out the door for practices. My cup of hot tea (or was it wine? or something else?) was always beside me, along with comfy at-home wear and all the friendly people that presented themselves on my screen. Add to that the comfort of being amongst like minds who enjoyed being a part of music, was definitely the right choice for me.

It was my first time ever joining any kind of choir, and a virtual one at that – what a unique experience! I mean, where else can you sing your heart out, as loud or as off-key as you want, in complete privacy and comfort? (Just remember to keep that MUTE button on!) Not only did the choir give me an opportunity to unleash “the beast within” (okay, maybe it hasn't been quite that dramatic), but it also gave me back the public confidence I’d misplaced during Covid, as well as an opportunity to participate in a group project with the YouTube video of the group singing together.

And what a fabulous video it turned out to be! I was so happy (and proud) to be a part of it and am excited for the next one being posted soon. Okay, maybe I’m not exactly a singing diva (hey, there’s certainly something to be said about “safety in numbers”), but it has definitely given me something to look forward to every week and I thank you, My Pop Choir, for this opportunity…with more fun to come!

Alina Galica


I joined My Pop Choir just before Covid hit. I have always been drawn to music in some shape or form whether through dance lessons or singing.

In 2020, I was looking for a creative outlet and found My Pop Choir through my community newsletter, On Richmond Hill, and I have never looked back since.

Singing enhances my mood and outlook and satisfies my craving for creative expression. I not only love the weekly lessons but also the opportunity to create a music video at the end of each term and be able to share it with family and friends.

Given limited free time during the week for many, My Pop Choir and the virtual choir are the perfect solution for individuals who seek a way to connect with others musically and get better at singing with the help of a very talented director - Alex Fiddes - and a very supportive choir. If you prefer the in-person experience, the instructors at each location are fabulous and you will really enjoy it.

I highly recommend My Pop Choir to all singers - beginners as well as the more experienced.

Safiya Premji

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