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Welcome to My Pop Choir’s Blog!

Welcome to My Pop Choir, Toronto and GTA's Blog! About time, some would say, but we’re on it.

My Pop Choir, like other choirs, is much more than singing. It’s a sense of belonging, a sense of community, of joy and laughter, all the feel good things that can help us through some pretty nasty issues in our lives.

So this BLOG is going to cover what helps us feel good, what we can do to release stress, find joy, take risks, be unafraid!

It’s also going to cover some tricks to sing better; some tricks to sleep better, as well as info on not just My Pop Choir performances, but other performers.

Here’s the thing…singing is something we all do. While we tend to do it when no one is listening: in the shower, in our car, we do it, because music and singing uplifts us. There’s something about the act of singing that just makes us feel better.

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