Virtual Winter Term Registration Is Open

Our Winter Term for virtual choir begins on Tuesday January 25th, 2022 and runs for 10 weeks until March 29th, 2022.   Happy Singing! 

My Pop Choir's virtual choir is a completely unique take on virtual choir programming.  By utilizing post recording audio software, My Pop Choir's virtual choir includes built in harmonies, so when you sing along to the music, it feels like you are actually singing in a real choir! The only technology required is a computer and access to the internet. Scroll below for further details on what to expect with our Fall Virtual Term.



Having led many a school choir over the years, I fully appreciate the prep that goes into an effective and satisfying rehearsal. Alex knows the music so well that he anticipates tricky areas and goes over them ... even when he can’t hear us!
I will confess to looking over my shoulder the first time, half expecting to see him standing right there - and I laughed every time it happened again!! So know that you will learn each song and enjoy your success.  
Alex does it all, and leaves us smiling, looking forward to the next week of My Pop Choir!

Barb M.

Virtual Choir

Choir Sessions

My Pop Choir's main component for the virtual term is our Tuesday evening choir sessions. The sessions use both Zoom and YouTube for a fully integrated choral experience.  Here is the breakdown of a typical choir session:

  • At 6:30PM (EST), a Zoom meeting begins for casual socializing. You can meet and chat with your fellow members, join a breakout room, observe in the background, or skip this section of the evening.

  • At 7:00PM (EST), the choir session officially begins with an overview of the term's upcoming projects & events, a vocal warmup, and an opportunity to ask questions regarding current material.

  • At 7:30PM (EST), the session continues with an hour long YouTube Premiere Video. These videos have built in harmonies, so it feels just like a real choir session.  While you sing, you will hear how your voice sounds with the other harmonies. By using YouTube Premiere Video, members are able to comment in real time. This gives members the ability to ask questions and connect with each other virtually.



All My Pop Choir Members will have access to our Member's Only Page. 

Here's what you can access:​

  • All Choir Sessions

  • Vocal Warm-Up

  • Our high quality Vocal Recordings

  • The Sheet Music

  • An 'All Vocals' MP3 recording of all parts sung together

  • Backing Track


All My Pop Choir Members will have access to our Online Voice Workshops through the duration of the choir term.

Workshops cover various topics from practical approaches on improving the health and quality of your singing voice to in depth analysis of vocal anatomy and breathing techniques. 


All My Pop Choir Members will have access to our private concerts and special guest workshops which showcase some incredible talent and just for us!


We want to see you perform! Members of the term will have the opportunity to showcase their talents to the rest of the group. This will be a live performance, and is completely optional.  We know that performing solo is not for everybody!

Virtual Performance Music Video

One of the choral arrangements learned throughout the term will be featured as a music video choir performance!  It is always guaranteed to dazzle your friends and family! Check out our Performance Page to view past terms' Music Videos.

Note: Participation in our music videos is completely optional.  On average about 50% of the members of the term participate so if this isn't your cup of tea, that's okay!