Summer Term Registration Is Now Open!


My Pop Choir's upcoming Summer Term Special will begin Wednesday July 28th, 2021 and runs every Wednesday for 6 weeks until September 1st, 2021.

My Pop Choir's virtual choir is a completely unique take on virtual choir programming.  By utilizing post recording audio software, My Pop Choir's virtual choir includes built in harmonies, so when you sing along to the music, it feels like you are actually singing in a real choir! 

The only technology required is a computer and access to the internet.

As a special feature for this term only, members of the choir are going to learn a brand new original composition, written by Choir Director/Owner Alex Fiddes!

Our original composition will be premiered to the world in the form of a music video choir performance.  Visit our Performance Page to view past terms' Music Videos.

Scroll below for further details on what to expect with our Summer Term.


I was a little hesitant at first about the concept of a virtual choir…how could that work if we weren’t singing together ? I decided to jump in and see what it was about and it was the best decision ever! Not only did the My Pop Choir workshops and choir sessions provide me with some structure and something to look forward to during some lonely times, but I believe my singing ability has also improved!

Marilyn H.

Virtual Choir

Choir Sessions

My Pop Choir's main component for the virtual term is our Wednesday evening choir sessions. The sessions use both Zoom and YouTube for a fully integrated choral experience.  Here is the breakdown of a typical choir session:

  • At 6:30PM (EDT), a Zoom meeting begins for casual socializing. You can meet and chat with your fellow members, join a breakout room, observe in the background, or skip this section of the evening.

  • At 7:00PM (EDT), the choir session officially begins with an overview of the term's upcoming projects & events, a vocal warmup, and an opportunity to ask questions regarding current material.

  • At 7:30PM (EDT), the session continues with an hour long YouTube Premiere Video. These videos have built in harmonies, so it feels just like a real choir session.  While you sing, you will hear how your voice sounds with the other harmonies. By using YouTube Premiere Video, members are able to comment in real time. This gives members the ability to ask questions and connect with each other virtually.

Original Composition Music Video

Members will learn an original song and this song will be featured as a music video choir performance!  It is always guaranteed to dazzle your friends and family! Check out our Performance Page to view past terms' Music Videos.

Note: Participation in our music videos is completely optional.  On average about 60% of the members of the term participate so if this isn't your cup of tea, that's okay!



Our Summer Term Special membership fee for this 6-session term is $107 CAD plus HST ($120.91).

The bring-a-friend* membership fee for this 6-session term is $97 CAD plus HST ($109.61).

*For the bring-a-friend discount, at least one of you has to be a FIRST TIME member.  Both members can be new as well.  When registering, both members must state each others names on the registration form.

Payment is required before the term begins and can be done by the following methods:

  1. e-transfer to - no security answer required.

  2. Cheque to My Pop Choir, 2757 St Clair Ave East, East York, M4B 1M8

Are you bringing a friend?

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