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How Choir Singing Can Improve Your Health and Boost Your Mood

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

There are many ways in which singing can bring joy to people. Whether you’re the one doing the singing or you’re listening to someone else sing, there’s a certain emotional connection that’s being formed in that moment. A lot of people are often afraid to just get up and sing in front of an audience for different reasons. Some people feel vulnerable and anxious, while others feel like they’re not talented enough to sing in front of others. Adult choirs in Toronto have helped a lot of people overcome their fears and simply enjoy the act of singing and making music.

But did you know that group singing can do so much more than that? It gives people something to look forward to and harmonizes entire communities. Keep reading to learn more about the positive impact singing can have on your life.

Singing Expands Your Social Circle

Joining a community-based singing group or choir is a great way to make lifelong friends with similar interests. The time you spend together rehearsing and performing live can be exhilarating while also helping you come out of your shell in light of an incredible shared experience. Singing in an adult choir in Toronto can help you vastly expand your social circle in ways you might have never imagined before.

Singing Is a Great Mental and Physical Work Out

A lot of people are shy or embarrassed about their singing voice. Showcasing it in front of a live audience or a group of their peers can be an extreme exercise in overcoming their fears and anxieties. This is perfectly normal. Singing is also an excellent physical workout because it demands that you use your diaphragm and engage in core strengthening breathing exercises that can help improve your voice. Everyone has the mental and physical capability to sing; you just have to hone the technicalities of it and practice often.

Singing Helps Improve Sleep

Deep breathing and vocal cord exercises that are associated with singing have actually been proven to improve sleep and even offset some symptoms of sleep apnea. Doing these exercises on a regular basis by expanding and contracting your vocal cords can help strengthen the palate and throat muscles, which helps you breathe better and reduces snoring.

Singing Can Be Like an Anti-Depressant

Singing has been proven to help uplift people’s moods, not just temporarily, but long-term. When you sing, your brain releases endorphins, which is a natural “feel good” or “happiness” chemical that can simply make you feel good. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with being a good or bad singer, per se. Just the act of singing and producing or releasing a sound from within can help alleviate a lot of pent up stress or negative emotions you may be feeling.

Join an Adult Choir in Toronto Today!

If you enjoy singing, but have always been hesitant to do so in front of other people, then joining an adult choir in Toronto may be the right choice for you! My Pop Choir is a community-based judgement-free choir that welcomes people of all singing backgrounds regardless of age or experience. You don’t have to have any formal vocal training to join and you get to choose which events you want to participate in. Contact us today to learn more!

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