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The Big Sing FAQ

This page will be updated over time to include relevant information. If you have any questions that weren't answered please contact your choir manager or email

Event Logistics

How many rehearsals, when, where?

We will have two rehearsals, Saturday November 30th & Sunday December 1st, between 9-5pm.  You will be needed for roughly half the scheduled rehearsal time on each date.  Rehearsals will take place in the Greater Toronto Area, exact location is TBD.


When do I need to arrive at the venue on the day of the performance?

Exact time is TBD, but approximately 12PM.  Keep in mind the event is on a Thursday, therefore you may need to schedule a day off work.


Are rehearsals mandatory?  Can I skip the afternoon event day rehearsal?

All rehearsals, including the afternoon on event day, are MANDATORY.


Can I still join if I miss a choir term this year?
Yes!  You can participate as long as you attend at least one term in 2024.

Music Learning

Do I need to memorize the songs?

Yes, the music needs to be memorized.  But don’t sweat it!  We have some great tricks and suggestions to ensure that memorizing the music will happen smoothly and stress-free.


What songs will we be performing?

We will be singing most, if not all the songs we will learn in the 3 terms in 2024 (winter, spring, fall).  Each singer will be singing roughly half the songs taught during these 3 terms.


Am I singing in the entire show?
No, each act will contain a different group of singers, which we decided to do so that singers won’t be required to learn all 14 mass choir songs being sung.  In addition, we will have guest artists and a show choir performance as part of this event.


Do I need to learn any songs on my own?

We will only be using songs taught in the 3 choir terms in 2024.  Therefore, if you attend all 3 terms, you will not need to learn any new material.  If you attend less than 3 terms in the year, you should expect to learn a few songs at home.


I did not sing in every term this year, can I still access practice tracks from the terms I missed?
Yes!  Email your choir manager or and we’ll get you access!

Keorner Hall Ticketing

How many guests can I bring?

Due to audience capacity limits, you will most likely only be able to bring up to 2 guests, possibly 1 more.  This is assuming we reach our full choir capacity of 400 singers.


Does Koerner Hall have assigned seating?

Yes, all seats are assigned seating.


Is Koerner Hall accessible?
Yes, Koerner Hall is fully accessible. 

Performance Fee Infortmation

Is my participation fee refundable?

The $75 fee to join the Big Sing is NON-REFUNDABLE.


Can I sign up now and pay later?

No, in order to sign up to join the Big Sing, payment is required.

Ready to register for The Big Sing 2024? We are ready to have you!

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