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How Choir Singing Can Boost Your Confidence

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Choir singing isn’t just a fun hobby; it’s actually a wonderful way to challenge your vocal abilities and boost your confidence in all aspects of your life. The best part about singing in a choir is that anyone can do it—even novices!

If you have a passion for singing and are looking to turn your hobby into a more fulfilling experience, here are a few ways adult choir singing can boost your confidence and positively impact your life.

Singing Is Good for the Soul

Adult choir singing can nourish your soul by lowering your stress levels and releasing endorphins in your brain to make you feel happier and more confident overall.

Singing in a choir can also help you develop friendships with like-minded individuals. Over time, you may even find that your choir practices have turned into a form of vocal therapy. Singing encourages people to release inhibitions and really feel the music, which can open the doors to plenty of laughter, tears, and encouragement from your peers.

Choir Builds a Sense of Community

On that note, singing in a choir really builds a sense of community. Nothing feels better than knowing you are part of something special and that your peers are by your side to support you.

With adult choir singing, you aren’t just learning from your instructors; you are also learning from those standing next to you. And when you sing, you are never really alone; you are part of a symphony of diverse voices.

Once you get over the fear of having to sing on your own (which you’ll never have to do), it becomes so much easier to enjoy the experience and revel in the feeling of being part of such a unique community.

It Provides the Opportunity to Perform

Singing in a choir can boost your confidence tenfold by providing you with the opportunity to perform in front of an audience.

For some people, this may seem nerve-racking, but the more choristers perform, the more self-assured and confident they become in their ability to stand up in front of a group of people. This is a particularly important trait to develop and it will come in handy in many other aspects of your daily life.

Singing’s Good for Your Physical Health

In addition to helping you feel good on the inside, did you know that choir singing can also benefit you physically?

When you sing, it increases oxygen to your bloodstream and to your brain, which can make you more alert. It also helps to release muscle tension caused by stress, because it decreases cortisol in your bloodstream.

Singing in a choir can even make you work up a sweat! Each time you use various vocal techniques and proper projection, you are actively working out your diaphragm and lungs and improving your posture.

Join My Pop Choir’s Adult Singing Groups in Toronto

Are you interested in joining an adult singing choir in your area? Choir singing with a group of other people who are just like you can give you a great confidence boost. Don’t let fear hold you back from doing what you love! My Pop Choir is one of the largest adult singing choirs in North America with multiple locations across Toronto and the GTA. We are dedicated to helping people find the joy in singing, while creating great memories and friendships that last a lifetime. There’s no musical training necessary and you won’t have to audition—we promise! Contact us today to learn more about our choir singing in Toronto.

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